paintings by
george mcclements
Everyone hears music differently. The way we perceive it is shaped by our taste and by emotions, situations and personalities. I have attempted to have music take on physical colours as it travels through air. My canvas is the manuscript on which the notes are painted. My ideal vision would be to create a world in colours as Thelonious Monk created a world of sounds.    
Visualization of Jazz and Blues
In the the Fall of 1955 when I came to NYC and played with the Charles Mingus Quintet, not only musicians came to hear us. There were people from every walk of ife, including visual artists, who always told us that they felt this great spontanious indefinable music known as jazz gave them hope, energy, inspiration and endless ideas of how to be creative. I told the master artist Franz Kline, when he invited me to his sudio after an all night jam session at the Five Spot, that we should have a show, called "See the Music, Hear the Paintings"
George McClement's own work and love of this music. is a continuation of this spirit. It is a pleasuer to be on his friend's list, kowing that he is an ambassador for this great music. Like all who support this music, he is part of the band!
David Amram